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about our wholesale program...

Thank you for your interest in Thou Mayest Wholesale! We're excited to fulfill all your coffee (and tea) needs.

We like to share our first tier up front in order to help you know if this is the best option for you:
Tier 1 is for small businesses typically and they order approximately one 5lb bag a week (or more). This comes with some free local pickup options, Net 30 terms with ACH payment and 15% discount (12% if paid with CC kept on file). If you are lower volume than this, we often just suggest our subscription discount of 10% found at thoumayest.com, which supports credit card payments. 

Based on your needs, we can discuss additional volumes and discounts if applicable. Once approved for an account, as a wholesale partner you will have access to discounted pricing, equipment sourcing, and early access to new products.

Bulk ordering is available for your convenience.

Need equipment sourced? Contact us & let us know what you need - we can probably get you a good deal!

Please fill out the form below and our wholesale team will reach out to you! Cheers!

**DISCLAIMER: our products CANNOT be sold online - they are for internal consumption or brick & mortar resale ONLY**

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