who we are

Thou Mayest is a coffee roasting gang of freewheeling renegades looking to shake up the ant farm. Like all awesome things, we started in a garage back in 2012 and has exploded into a movement of entrepreneurs, artists, activists, business owners and shopkeeps looking for ways to do community better. "Thou Mayest" is seeing your life as a vast, glowing, empty page, waiting to be written by you.

We believe that coffee should create conversations and instigate creativity, and that those conversations can result in sharing, in new ideas, and in new opportunities, and ultimately, manifest into action. We aim to provide a creative, inclusive, and energetic space for people to gather, drink, and collaborate.

the way is open

The name “Thou Mayest” is from John Steinbeck’s novel East of Eden and he first shares those words in a passage that means, “the way is open”. We interpret this as a “call to arms”, to take responsibility for our city, for the products we craft, and for our lifestyles, which includes a global supply chain. 

We have selected Thou Mayest as our business name with the hope that while we stand here enjoying a great cup of coffee, we can reflect on the origin of the fruit, the bean, the region of the world it comes from, and all the hands that helped in getting it our coffee shop to share with you.

why choose thou mayest?

We are where the old world craft meets the modern appreciation for quality over quantity.

We have a profound and relentless care for our product.

We source responsibly and take considerable care in the decisions we make. We believe in quality over quantity, so we roast our coffee in small handcrafted batches.

We facilitate beautiful moments that allow our customers, if they so choose, to have a beautiful, sensuous experience with the coffee bean.

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Remember - no matter where you are, and no matter what you're doing - thou must Take Fun Seriously.

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